A Baby Surprise

We never thought we’d be welcoming an infant to our widening network in Karatu, Tanzania, but recently such a lovely development has taken place. As we move into the latter half of our sixth year in Tanzania, we’re extraordinarily pleased to see our reach and family there grow. And it’s grown quite literally! Sammy Michael … Continue reading A Baby Surprise

Adding Chips to the Menu

Alongside a small shop and sitting on a main road, Sweetness Enoke’s restaurant offers simple, local fare. Wooden walls, a roof and cement floors set her apart from similar businesses, as she serves chai to neighbors and passersby. Finding money to expand an operation can be difficult anywhere, especially in rural Tanzania. But it’s often … Continue reading Adding Chips to the Menu

A party in Tloma

When our Karatu loan hub began several years ago, local ladies unanimously elected Josephine Silo as the perfect powerhouse to head the program. At nearly 70 years old and still running a small farm, keeping a beading business and until recently serving as GWOCO chairwoman, Josephine has more than earned her retirement. So it was … Continue reading A party in Tloma

Lions and tembo and microloans

There is a Swahili proverb—mtu ni watu—translating to a person is people, or something akin to no man is an island. This concept is central to our local, women’s microloan program and was reiterated yesterday in nearby Tloma. After about a month of very hard work on everyone’s parts, our GWOCO leaders were finally able … Continue reading Lions and tembo and microloans

Meeting an icon

When I hear quotes, speeches and people talking about everyone making a difference, I usually don’t take it too much to heart. But hearing Jane Goodall point out that every single one of us has some impact on the world every single day—simply by being alive—really drove the point home. This past weekend Kim and … Continue reading Meeting an icon

Out of lemons

It was a classic mugging setup—two guys on a motorbike—and a classic, amateur move on my part—keeping a purse full of valuables on me after dark in an international city. Now missing a passport, small camera, several hundred dollars, two credit cards, a license and a library card, we decided to go to the local … Continue reading Out of lemons

Paper snowflakes and alterations

As the western world scurries about preparing for Christmas, life is moving along here in Karatu. But despite the very slow nature of life in Tanzania, the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind. New staff arrivals, old staff departures, program rearranging, prolific social invitations and a little white kitten have all contributed … Continue reading Paper snowflakes and alterations