The earlier children receive education, the better for society as a whole—this has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout literature.

Education in Tanzania
Education is an essential human right.

The young kindergarten-age children in Alailelai are brought up speaking Maa, a language completely different from the national Tanzanian language of Kiswahili used in the primary schools. Starting earlier in kindergarten, children can learn this new language and prepare for a more effective primary school experience.

We have had great success with the kindergartens established in Alailelai with Maasai Partners’ funds. In May of 2014 we opened the Alailelai Village Kindergarten with 90 students attending.

At the beginning of the new school year in January 2015, 70 of those students had gained a sufficient knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, and Kiswahili to move up to primary school.

Maasai children learning English
MP addresses educational challenges.

Teachers give overwhelmingly positive feedback. In 2016, partner organization Sisters for Peace granted us funding to build our third kindergarten, which was completed and opened in 2017.

This project means that each of our three primary schools now has a kindergarten. To build these important education centers, MP provided funding to a local, Tanzanian community-based nonprofit—Alailelai Maasai Sustainability Organization.

Though the buildings are completed and desks assembled and installed, the kindergartens still need help. Government-supplied school necessities are scarce, so children very much need such basics as pens, pencils, notebooks, books, etc. Additionally, there is a huge ratio of students to toilets. We’re looking into the possibility of building new stalls for these children, but we need your help!

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Kindergarten classroom in Tanzania
Eager MP kindergarten students participate in class.