Adding Chips to the Menu

Alongside a small shop and sitting on a main road, Sweetness Enoke’s restaurant offers simple, local fare. Wooden walls, a roof and cement floors set her apart from similar businesses, as she serves chai to neighbors and passersby. Finding money to expand an operation can be difficult anywhere, especially in rural Tanzania. But it’s often … Continue reading Adding Chips to the Menu

A visit from the Sisters for Peace

Every person has a story to tell, and many stories can be used as a catalyst for change. NCN fellows and Judy recently had the opportunity in Karatu to host five inspirational women from the Northeast. The ladies, led by Sisters for Peace Founder Caroline Wheeler, are all affiliated with the organization, which empowers, educates … Continue reading A visit from the Sisters for Peace

Seeing our women in action

After passing Loan Chairperson Josephine’s house dozens of times without ever stopping, we finally went over yesterday. Josephine, along with a couple of female family members, gave us a glimpse into a beading business she’s been operating for quite some time. Though they do some jewelry, the women’s main craft is creating leather wall hangings … Continue reading Seeing our women in action

Confirmations and cake

It’s normal for a volunteer to come full-throttle to a new place, ready and gung-ho to start making moves immediately. In Tanzania, though, patience is essential. My experience thus far has consisted mainly of observing and familiarizing myself with all the many day-to-day operations. It’s pretty essential here to know even a little Swahili, so … Continue reading Confirmations and cake

Paper snowflakes and alterations

As the western world scurries about preparing for Christmas, life is moving along here in Karatu. But despite the very slow nature of life in Tanzania, the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind. New staff arrivals, old staff departures, program rearranging, prolific social invitations and a little white kitten have all contributed … Continue reading Paper snowflakes and alterations