Maasai Shine

Maasai Shine is a community-based organization in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA). It is run by Tanzanian Maasai who know exactly what their community needs. As one of the few local organizations operating in the NCA, the community-based organization provides works to improve life for area people and coordinate with other organizations to bringing opportunity to the greater Alailelai area. Visit our Maasai Shine page to learn more.

Tumaini Education Corporation

Tumaini is a private, English-language based school in Karatu that was started by and continues to be run completely by Tanzanians. For several years, Maasai Partners (MP) has been sponsoring children at Tumaini Junior School, providing Maasai living in the remote NCA with quality education that would otherwise be inaccessible. Here those who are enthusiastic about learning have the opportunity for a better education, giving them more opportunity to thrive into the future. The school is one of the top performing in the region and has recently expanded to include a completely separate secondary school. Find out more here.

Ganako Women’s Community Organization (GWOCO)

GWOCO is an implementation in Karatu of the Women’s Microfinance Initiative (WMI) that originated in Uganda. The leadership, consisting of a group of local women, understands the importance of investing in their communities in order to bring positive change. Through their local implementation of the WMI model, the women give out small business loans, which allow the women of their villages to improve their own opportunities and reinvest in their community. MP was key in bringing this hub to Karatu and establishing it through much foundational work.  Visit our GWOCO page to learn more about WMI.