Stepping Back to Step Forward

Sometimes it takes a bit of independence for someone, or something, to fully reach its potential. Such was the case with our women’s microloan program. After years of working closely with the strong females at the head of this initiative to teach them basic financial, business and microloan principles, as well as helping them establish … Continue reading Stepping Back to Step Forward

A party in Tloma

When our Karatu loan hub began several years ago, local ladies unanimously elected Josephine Silo as the perfect powerhouse to head the program. At nearly 70 years old and still running a small farm, keeping a beading business and until recently serving as GWOCO chairwoman, Josephine has more than earned her retirement. So it was … Continue reading A party in Tloma

Lions and tembo and microloans

There is a Swahili proverb—mtu ni watu—translating to a person is people, or something akin to no man is an island. This concept is central to our local, women’s microloan program and was reiterated yesterday in nearby Tloma. After about a month of very hard work on everyone’s parts, our GWOCO leaders were finally able … Continue reading Lions and tembo and microloans

Paper snowflakes and alterations

As the western world scurries about preparing for Christmas, life is moving along here in Karatu. But despite the very slow nature of life in Tanzania, the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind. New staff arrivals, old staff departures, program rearranging, prolific social invitations and a little white kitten have all contributed … Continue reading Paper snowflakes and alterations