Stepping Back to Step Forward

Sometimes it takes a bit of independence for someone, or something, to fully reach its potential. Such was the case with our women’s microloan program. After years of working closely with the strong females at the head of this initiative to teach them basic financial, business and microloan principles, as well as helping them establish … Continue reading Stepping Back to Step Forward

The Importance of Education

As we walked up to Tumaini Junior School recently, students were running around celebrating the end of examinations and the start of the Easter holiday. The Maasai Partners team was visiting our sponsored students at the school during Judy’s most recent visit to Karatu. The six students sponsored by Maasai Partners were about to return … Continue reading The Importance of Education

A Baby Surprise

We never thought we’d be welcoming an infant to our widening network in Karatu, Tanzania, but recently such a lovely development has taken place. As we move into the latter half of our sixth year in Tanzania, we’re extraordinarily pleased to see our reach and family there grow. And it’s grown quite literally! Sammy Michael … Continue reading A Baby Surprise

Adding Chips to the Menu

Alongside a small shop and sitting on a main road, Sweetness Enoke’s restaurant offers simple, local fare. Wooden walls, a roof and cement floors set her apart from similar businesses, as she serves chai to neighbors and passersby. Finding money to expand an operation can be difficult anywhere, especially in rural Tanzania. But it’s often … Continue reading Adding Chips to the Menu

What’s in a name?

For Maasai and for any Tanzanians, for that matter, Ngorongoro is a name that simply rolls off the tongue. For those who aren’t familiar with the Ngorongoro Crater or Ngorongoro Conservation Area, however, it’s not so simple to pronounce or remember. As NCN continues to grow as an organization and expand its outreach to Maasai … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Welcoming a new board member

When Sisters for Peace Founder Caroline Wheeler visited NCN’s projects on the ground in Tanzania, she was instantly hooked. She was so hooked, in fact, that NCN’s staff knew straight away they needed her high interest and expertise. She readily agreed to join our board shortly after arriving home. NCN is joyed to welcome such … Continue reading Welcoming a new board member

A visit from the Sisters for Peace

Every person has a story to tell, and many stories can be used as a catalyst for change. NCN fellows and Judy recently had the opportunity in Karatu to host five inspirational women from the Northeast. The ladies, led by Sisters for Peace Founder Caroline Wheeler, are all affiliated with the organization, which empowers, educates … Continue reading A visit from the Sisters for Peace

Lions and tembo and microloans

There is a Swahili proverb—mtu ni watu—translating to a person is people, or something akin to no man is an island. This concept is central to our local, women’s microloan program and was reiterated yesterday in nearby Tloma. After about a month of very hard work on everyone’s parts, our GWOCO leaders were finally able … Continue reading Lions and tembo and microloans

Meeting an icon

When I hear quotes, speeches and people talking about everyone making a difference, I usually don’t take it too much to heart. But hearing Jane Goodall point out that every single one of us has some impact on the world every single day—simply by being alive—really drove the point home. This past weekend Kim and … Continue reading Meeting an icon

Babies, baptisms and Christmas

Though we technically had work off the past few days, our holiday weekend was nothing short of event-filled. We started Christmas morning with snickerdoodles, kahawa (coffee) and cinnamon buns home made by our friend and neighbor Adrienne. And a few paper snowflakes later, we headed to our loan program treasurer Levina’s house in nearby Tloma. … Continue reading Babies, baptisms and Christmas