As a network, Maasai Partners serves as an ‘umbrella’ organization that supports and collaborates with other organizations. To date, we have helped organize and support a number of projects:

We have given out hundreds of goats to village women, providing a much needed source of food and income.

With the help of a $15,000 grant from Sisters for Peace, we built our third kindergarten in the NCA in 2018. Children, who would otherwise enter primary school underprepared, can now have a chance at a more effective education.

  • With the introduction of kindergartens, the villages have seen a positive shift in community attitudes toward education.
  • Previously, village leaders had to force parents to take kids to school, but now they do so willingly. In fact, the communities were the ones asking for subsequent kindergartens to be built and prioritizing that project!

Reduced CO2 levels by 90% in 87 Maasai homes, with funding granted for 150 stoves.

  • Working with Maasai Stoves and Solar, this initiative gives skills and jobs to the initial 20 women trained to build the stoves, virtually eliminates smoke and toxins from inside homes and drastically reduces local deforestation and fire-related accidents involving children.

We have given out hundreds of microloans to Maasai women through enrollment in our microloan program, offering them an opportunity to start or expand a business, support their families and gain important skills and training.

  • AMSO (Alailelai Maasai Sustainability Organization) has given out nearly 500 loans to 160 Maasai women. Along with WMI (Women’s Microfinance Initiative) this has totaled to approximately $40,000 given out in loans.
  • We have also given loans to more than 200 borrowers in Karatu, through our partnership between GWOCO (Ganako Women’s Community Organization) and WMI.

We sponsored 12 students attending secondary school. Without these scholarships, the students would not have been able to continue their education.

  • We are also currently sponsoring five students at Tumaini, an English language-based private school in Karatu and one of the top performing schools in the district. All five are successfully progressing in the school.

We have supported dozens of Maasai women and their families through direct buying and selling of their beadwork and also through connecting them to Aid Tanzania, a program that offers training and a sustainable market for their craft.  

We sponsored nearly 500 medical visits to FAME Medical in Karatu, where patients receive top-level medical care.

  • We sponsored 150 families to receive health care access.
  • This means those who might otherwise not have the financial means or physical access to medical attention became able to visit either a local dispensary or health center.