Access to healthcare, a basic human right most take for granted, is not such a given in Tanzania. For many people living here, especially Maasai in remote areas, hospitals and clinics are not only out of reach financially, but also physically.

Medical Center in Karatu
Patients leave the medical center in Karatu

Maasai Partners (MP) believes proper health is essential to any other areas of progress and change and is participating in several programs to bring access to more Tanzanians.

Maasai living in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area now have access to Nainokanoka Health Center, a recently built facility. Work on the hospital began years ago, but with help from the Clinton Foundation during a visit in 2015 and other funds, it was finally finished and is now in use.

In order to give more Maasai means to use this center, MP is providing health cards for the poorest families in our three communities. For only $10, an amount the Tanzanian government will match, a family of up to six receives health care for an entire year. We’re starting with 150 families, but there are still many more in need.

In a place where people die from such preventable ailments as diarrhea and other respiratory and intestinal problems, pink eye and malnutrition are rampant and sanitation is lacking, a visit to the doctor makes all the difference in the world.

If you’d like to give only $10 and provide this gift of health, please donate here.

NCN gives access to the Medical Center in Karatu
MP is working to provide villagers in need with proper, equal healthcare.

MP has been sending those who need more serious medical treatment hours away to FAME, a hospital in Karatu that was featured on 60 Minutes. The Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME) is a US nonprofit organization that provides advanced health care for the families in our goat program, as well as other poverty-stricken families.

Because it is too far for one-day travel, additional lodging costs had previously been a prohibitive barrier. Now, MP provides money for transport, food and board and has referred hundreds of Tanzanians to FAME for health services and hospital care.

Between these health options, MP has tried to provide help to villagers who would otherwise suffer from disease and health misfortunes such as epilepsy, tuberculosis, HIV, broken bones and other ailments. Our partnership with FAME and Nainokanoka substantially changes the course of many lives in Alailelai.

Additionally, as more funding comes in, we plan to get to the root of the issues through expanding health education in Alailelai Ward.

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