Our Sponsor Students in Action

We love visiting our sponsor students at the various private and vocational schools they attend. They tell us about their lives, studies, passions and friends. Without fail, they give us positive feedback as to the teachers who oversee their education.

These are children, teenagers and young adults who come from backgrounds that would deem them unlikely to have a successful future. With this opportunity of a quality education, however, the students now speak multiple languages and are mastering all the skills necessary to seek gainful employment or further schooling.

We send as many students as we can to school, but we need help to send more. Consider a one-time or recurring donation (even $5 per week makes a difference!) toward an enthusiastic young Maasai boy or girl’s education and future. 

Check out this beautiful video, showing our students in action, below.

Maasai Partners sponsor students happy at school 🙂

The students we sponsor at Tanzania Education Corp and elsewhere are thriving! We need help covering their costs- donate at https://www.maasaipartners.org/donate-today/See what they're up to below!

Posted by Maasai Partners on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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