An Update From Mbekure

Between studies, which are keeping him quite busy during a condensed semester, our main point of contact on the ground in Tanzania, Mbekure Metemi, recently sent us an update. He offers insight on life in Tanzania during Covid-19, and he expresses his feelings toward other MP staff. Thank you for all of the pertinent information, Mbe! 

Mbekure is educating his community about best practices with hand washing and social distancing.

Maasai Partners Makes an Impact on the World.

Twenty-twenty is here and coronavirus is shaking the world, but I am staying safe pursuing my university studies.

I am very grateful to Maasai Partners President Judy Lane for making my university studies possible; now I can be more professional. The world economy is shaken, but MP is still making more and more effort to educate many kids at the best school in Karatu district, Tumaini Junior school, and at Maasai girls secondary school, as well as universities.

MP takes action and impacts people lives in Ngorongoro, indigenous people at Alailelai and Nainokanoka, and we shall never forget the great time and resource MP president and fellows did for us.

Jaime Thomas you are a person of influence; you are making more blogs and looking for ways to grant the ambitions of making a difference in Alailelai.

Mama Judy Lane’s desire is to help people, especially in my community in Ngorongoro, and now your dreams have changed our lives and shown us happiness. Maasai stoves, kindergartens, microfinance loans, health facilities (including Alailelai Dispensary and Nainokanoka Health Center), goats to give us milk and access to education which helps fight against ignorance, shall never be deleted in my mind and in the minds of the entirety of Alailelai and Nainokanoka and Ngorongoro Division in general. MP’s actions have impacted many lives in my society with the many projects already done.

Mama Judy Lane: Your mentoring my life and the lives of others in the places where we do our projects has helped me to reach my potential in my profession. It wouldn’t have been  easy without your efforts. I plan to continue staying as a bridge between MP and the community.

During the time of March through May, I was at home with my kids after learning stopped for the eradication of this pandemic. I did a lot of things, but the most was to educate local people about coronavirus. Life changed as everyone began washing their hands, but there is a shortage of water in Alchaniomelock. I have a dream that one day water will be available in my lovely village for the betterment of the entire community living in Alchaniomelock.

Maasai Partners President Judy Lane and Fellows- you did great work for us.


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