From the first time Judy visited Tanzania, she was hooked. Getting to know and love the Maasai people, their ways and their outlook on life while learning about the many difficulties they face, she wanted to find a way to help.

Since 2011, when she founded Maasai Partners’ parent organization, Ngorongoro Community Network, Judy has been spreading our outreach and impact.

She uses her environmental background to bring experience and expertise to her position as president. After earning a BS in environmental science from University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MS in ecology from University of California at Davis, Judy worked as an environmental consultant and researcher.

She has traveled extensively in developing countries, always trying to get off tourist routes and into more remote regions—an adventurous tendency that led her to Alailelai.

Further relevant experience stems from her service as treasurer and member of the Franklin County Conservation District Board of Supervisors in Massachusetts.

Judy further’s MP’s mission stateside throughout the year from Oakham, Ma., and Martha’s Vineyard, and she goes to Tanzania every few months in order to be on the ground. To learn more about Judy’s story and our organization’s beginnings, read our history.