Kim, former program director, brings a wealth of experience to her position as programs consultant. She earned a BA in sociology from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York
with magna cum laude distinction.

She pursued a Master’s in International Development and Service at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, before she decided she wanted to work in the field and accepted this position with Maasai Partners.

Her international background includes an intercultural communications training in Italy, development research in Ghana, Costa Rica, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic, and student delegacy to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen. Stateside, she served two years in the national service program AmeriCorps and briefly worked with Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon, assisting the Youth in Conflict team with programming targeting Syrian refugees.

Kim has strong development interests in gender and the environment, and the interrelatedness of the two. Since beginning her work with MP on the ground in Tanzania, she has become fluent in Swahili and is beginning to learn Maa!