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Sisters for Peace recently donated a kindergarten to NCN
Members of Sisters for Peace visit an Iraqw family in Karatu.

The people of Sendui live in a spot that’s pretty remote. Means of public transport are few and far between and the roads are in poor shape—not that anyone has a car to drive on them, anyways.

So sending their children to kindergarten in neighboring villages is next to impossible. Sisters for Peace, a nonprofit out of Western Massachusetts, has recently made a huge donation that will fix this problem.

The Sisters decided to fund the building of a new kindergarten in Alailelai Ward, NCN’s third in the area. This will allow young, local Maasai children to assimilate into a school system taught in Swahili, which isn’t spoken at home, and give them a better chance for succeeding in primary education and beyond.

Sisters for Peace recently donated a kindergarten to NCN
NCN Founder Judy Lane stands in front of one of the kindergartens she founded in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

NCN has been focusing on other projects in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area lately while working to raise funds for the third kindergarten.

The Sisters for Peace donation will not only bring education to younger Maasai sooner, but it will also allow NCN to redirect resources toward other school-related expenses, such as uniforms and educational materials, and also completely different areas like healthcare.

SFP Founder Caroline Wheeler said her visit to Tanzania led her to make this grant.

“Our hearts were deeply touched by the Massai people that we met and especially by the work that NCN is doing. Education provides an opportunity to a better life, and as soon as we heard that NCN needed funds to build a kindergarten, we wanted to be part of it! We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to be part of something that has the potential to change so many lives,” she said.

This isn’t the first major help Sisters for Peace has lent our organization. In May, the ladies held a successful fundraiser in the Berkshires to raise money for NCN and other nonprofits in Tanzania aiming to empower local women. Their efforts paid off with strong attendance and a presentation about their expansive trip to Africa that spread the word about what so many people throughout the world are trying to accomplish.

Sisters for Peace recently donated a kindergarten to NCN
School children in Alailelai smile for the camera.

It’s always inspiring and helpful beyond words to gain support for what we’re doing through new friends. THANK YOU Sisters For Peace, for everything you’re doing!

Those interested in donating toward educating Tanzanian Maasai children can do so at www.ncn-tz.org/donate.

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