Becoming a Senior Elder (Part 1)

We hopped out of the Land Rover and followed our guides, running as fast as we could wrapped in shukas across uneven fields sprinkled with stinging nettle. “Come Judy, come Kim, come Jim—have your camera ready!” Mbekure urged us on. We were late to the start of the evening’s event—the first night of the Oring’eheri, … Continue reading Becoming a Senior Elder (Part 1)

Confirmations and cake

It’s normal for a volunteer to come full-throttle to a new place, ready and gung-ho to start making moves immediately. In Tanzania, though, patience is essential. My experience thus far has consisted mainly of observing and familiarizing myself with all the many day-to-day operations. It’s pretty essential here to know even a little Swahili, so … Continue reading Confirmations and cake