A very generous donation

The people of Sendui live in a spot that’s pretty remote. Means of public transport are few and far between and the roads are in poor shape—not that anyone has a car to drive on them, anyways. So sending their children to kindergarten in neighboring villages is next to impossible. Sisters for Peace, a nonprofit … Continue reading A very generous donation

Taking chai with the Maasai

  In a whirlwind of Maasai stoves, networking and chai, NCN Founder Judy just made her first visit of the year. As someone who gives a lot of her time, money and energy to a lot of Tanzanians, Judy’s time is in high demand when she’s here, but we were able to accomplish a lot … Continue reading Taking chai with the Maasai

Lifting the smoke

While most of us might associate smoke-related health problems with cigarettes, everyday life creates harmful exposure for many Tanzanians. Most houses here, especially those in rural villages, have no windows or very poor ventilation. Those factors coupled with open fires, which most people use for cooking, creates an extremely unhealthy environment. One of our partner … Continue reading Lifting the smoke