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Leonila Emanuel has been with the Tloma loan group since it originated, and has done all that she can to contribute to help the loan program run as effectively as possible. During trainings she provides lunch, she acts as Vice Chairwoman for the Tloma Community Organization (TCO) board. So far Leonila has received three loans, with not one late payment, and her various business ventures are thriving.

Before receiving her loans, Leonila was selling milk from a cow she and a few other women had bought together. They also bought and sold one goat every few months. With the first loan she was able to grow her goat reselling business, selling more goats more frequently.

After collecting impressive savings, she was able to receive a second loan and combined her savings and this new loan to buy a second cow. She also has a successful garden and sells vegetables out of her house, particularly valuable when the cow is not producing milk. The profit she makes from these two loans goes directly supports sending her oldest daughter to a private school around the area. Leonila believes education is the most important gift for a young girl.

With the next loan she receives she hopes to open an official store in the more rural area where she resides and one closer to town, with her husband selling from both locations.

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