A Documentation on Maasai Culture

“Although often perceived as a traditional society, Maasai culture, like all culture, is dynamic and changing. The effects of globalisation, technology and governance are just as apparent in Maasai lives as they are elsewhere.”

For more than a decade now, our network of volunteers, staff and friends have been building relationship and striving to understand the culture of Maasai in Ngorongoro. We’ve seen the beautiful, unique way of life Maasai maintain, and we’ve also watched this way of life continue to change at a quick rate. As the Maasai’s very existence in this part of Tanzania is becoming ever more precarious and difficult, we’re continuing to support them as best as we can.

The report below, cowritten by one of our in-country collaborators, Laangakwa Twati, is a comprehensive and fascinating read. It gives an in-depth picture of daily life, the core facets of Maasai culture and the growing struggle between people striving to live in the same way and place they have for centuries and environmentalists and changing government priorities. We did not have any role in funding or facilitating this study, which Laangakwa helped researching Jessica Sharp complete, but we wanted to share it regardless.

We hope our friends and supporters, and the public in general, will take the time to read this document in order to understand more clearly the crucial issues taking place for Maasai in Tanzania right now, as their culture threatens to go extinct. Please reach out with any questions or comments either on the blog or at info@maasaipartners.org.

Read report below or at this link.

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