As pastoralists, the Maasai depend on animals for food, income, and status. Without livestock, families are forced to rely on the generosity of their neighbors, putting stress on the whole community. Acquiring the livestock can be costly and is not an option for poor families. However, livestock such as goats can assist in the fight against malnourishment in this poverty-stricken community of Alailelai.

Goat loan program
Goats in Alailelai village staying dry in the rain.

To address this need, Maasai Partners (MP) offers a goat program. We give four goats to the poorest local families, who have no livestock. To ensure the growth of the herd, no goat may be killed or sold for three years. In the meantime, the family receives nourishment from the goat milk.

MP provides 24 families per year with the four goats, as well as medicine for the animals as needed.


Please help us support the goat program and save hungry families.

$140 buys a family an entire four-goat herd for a pathway out of poverty.

Or for $45, you can cover the cost of one of the new goats, bringing nourishment and a better life.

Young man herding cattle in Alailelai village
Young man herding cattle in Alailelai village