Giving Back Through Education

When George Francis was a child his grandmother, who cared for him, could not afford even the few dollars it would cost to send him to school. Enter John Costigan, an Irish Catholic priest who had come to Tanzania to work—he offered to sponsor young George’s education. Francis went on to attain his lawyer’s degree … Continue reading Giving Back Through Education

Stepping Back to Step Forward

Sometimes it takes a bit of independence for someone, or something, to fully reach its potential. Such was the case with our women’s microloan program. After years of working closely with the strong females at the head of this initiative to teach them basic financial, business and microloan principles, as well as helping them establish … Continue reading Stepping Back to Step Forward

Winter 2019 Newsletter

The year is taking off at a gallup, and our projects in Tanzania are moving along. We’ve compile all of our latest updates, happenings, pictures and noteworthy events in our winter newsletter. We introduced our newest partner organization, Maasai Shine, highlighted some of the amazing and strong women we are supporting and more. As always … Continue reading Winter 2019 Newsletter

Sowing A Sewing Business

Sumbati and Botori are two young women with a lot of determination. After completing one year of vocational training at The Faraja Centre in Arusha, our two budding tailors’ sewing business is up and running. Sumbati was sponsored by Maasai Partners and Botori by MP partner organization Sisters for Peace, to attend one year at … Continue reading Sowing A Sewing Business

Our Sponsor Students in Action

We love visiting our sponsor students at the various private and vocational schools they attend. They tell us about their lives, studies, passions and friends. Without fail, they give us positive feedback as to the teachers who oversee their education. These are children, teenagers and young adults who come from backgrounds that would deem them … Continue reading Our Sponsor Students in Action

Summer 2018 News

The people Maasai Partners works with in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area have been facing numerous difficulties lately, many of which are due to a cholera epidemic. Mobility restrictions, market closures and suffering from the disease are just a few of the problems they face. We’re working to support local leaders who are working to improve … Continue reading Summer 2018 News

A Lack of Water

The subvillage of Sendui sits high above a sloping, expansive depression in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area near Alailelai. As in most Maasai villages of the same size, goat, cattle and sheep graze quietly on hillsides watched by their pastoralist owners, women cook or sit beading in groups and children help where they are needed or … Continue reading A Lack of Water

Orpul – Strengthening the Body and Mind

A traditional strengthening ceremony for Maasai men in which friends and families gather in the bush and away from the bomas for a minimum of two weeks—this is known as Orpul. During Orpul, the Maasai eat large amounts of meat and drink a medicinal soup concocted from the roots and barks of a variety of … Continue reading Orpul – Strengthening the Body and Mind